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Shape Up!

Naturally...Look Better...Faster

IRepair Skin Results 

The IRepair Skin gives an instant lift, wrinkles are erased in minutes, discolorations fade, acne and scars improve in two to three treatments. A pervasive effect that is seen with the Perfector, but not other technologies, is an overall freshness and glow. The skin is thicker, plumper, younger. With repeated treatments, the aging process is significantly delayed. Youthfulness attained by using the Perfector is not only skin deep, it looks and feels genuine. 

The IRepair Skin uses Cellular Resonance Signaling technology. Signaling builds new proteins., including collagen and elastin. The Perfector is based on science that explores the biological components of our biological capacity for auto repair and self renewal. Using a high definition signal combined with proprietary applications, protein synthesis can occur. Since proteins provide cellular intelligence, the more protein a cell has the more resistant it will be to aging. 

  • Cells communicate through a number of chemical and electrical processes.
  • The end result of a chemical and/or electrical process can be seen as a communication signal.
  • Artificially resonating these signals unlocks a number of chemical and/or electrical processes.
  • Resonanance between two processes is like matching a key to a lock

The IRepair Skin acts as an antioxidant to boast and reinstate the body's state of health that has diminished or deteriorated with aging as a result of accumulated free radicals. Oxidation (loss of electrons) occurs in cells as we age. Cells missing electrons become free radicals.