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Shape Up!

Naturally...Look Better...Faster

IRepair Skin

The IRepair Skin provides a completely natural face lift utilizing cellular regeneration technology. The IRepair Skin does not use laser, heat, light, chemicals or other type of trauma to achieve results. The procedure is completely non invasive and painless with absolutely no downtime. The results are amazing and instant.

The IRepair Skin diminishes wrinkles; reduces dark circles and puffy eyes; increases Collagen and Elastin; firms and tones; lifts sagging muscles; and reduces melasma, pigmentation, acne and rosacea. The Perfector can heal, tighten, lift and regenerate tissue in the face, neck, upper and lower eyelids, and hands.

The IRepair Skin is a skin rejuvenation computerized device that builds new tissue, purifies and detoxifies, transforming the skin with a youthful glow. The Perfector treatment builds up skin layers by healing and encouraging cell revival and regeneration of tissue on a cellular level.