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Shape Up!

Naturally...Look Better...Faster

Arasys Genius Results

The Arasys Genius is completely effortless. Afterward the feeling is the same as after a great workout, but without the sweat and soreness. The metabolism and circulation are increased, fat deposits are released, muscles are firmer, the figure is slimmer, the core is stronger, and the body is healthier. The fat burning and muscle toning results are up to ten times faster than conventional exercise. The Arasys Genius new technology delivers significantly better results on visceral fat.

There are three main components that determine your “figure”. One is the tone of your muscles, the second is the layer of fat under your skin, and the third is the amount of water retained in your tissues. How quickly your respond to the Arasys Genius depends on these three components as well as many personal factors such as how quickly you respond to exercise, how hydrated your cells are, stress levels, sleeping habits, eating habits, and hormones. The average client will lose one to two dress sizes in 12 to 18 sessions. 

Muscle Tone—Weak, flaccid muscles produce flabby tummy, arms and a generally unbecoming figure. Weak muscles also create poor posture, which makes the figure look even worse. In addition, weak muscles may be the cause of back pain. We can lose muscle tone from pregnancy, inactivity, or weight fluctuations. Toning muscle is the quickest way to lose inches. Surprisingly, once muscle tone is restored, it is relatively easy to maintain with light exercise. The Arasys can help you tone your muscles faster than any exercise plan.

Fat obviously contributes to your figure, sometimes more than we would like. Regular exercise burns both fat and glucose as the energy source. When glucose is burned for energy, it forms lactic acid as a waste product or toxin. Lactic acid causes muscles to get tired and sore. The Arasys Genius goes straight to the fat burning stage of exercise without decreasing glucose levels and building lactic acid in our system. Results far greater than regular exercise can be obtained with the Arasys Genius without strain, soreness sweating, exhaustion, or dehydration.

Water Retention—The Arasys Genius increases lymphatic drainage which helps shed the subcutaneous water and gives a leaner, healthier appearance to the muscles and the skin.

The Arasys Genius can also boost your metabolism to help you lose weight. For every pound of muscle you build, you will burn an additional 200 calories per day. The Arasys is a safe, non invasive and easy way to change the shape of your body.