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Shape Up!

Naturally...Look Better...Faster

About Us

Hi, my name is Jill Robertson (the picture is of me and my daughter, Ashley). I am the owner of Shape Up! I purchased the Arasys for the body in the Spring of 2007 and have been in business since July of 2007. In December of 2010, I purchased the Perfector, one of the other outstanding products for the face offered by the same company. In 2012, I upgraded the Arasys for the Arasys Genius., which gets better results on visceral fat. In 2019, I upgraded the Perfector for IRepair Skin, which has 10,000 times the capability to communicate with your cells. Shape Up! utilizes the latest and best technology available for the body and the face.  

My personal results were amazing. With the Arasys, I lost a total of 13 inches around my abs in 12 sessions. I went from a size 12 to a size 8 in 6 weeks and lost 10 pounds without dieting. Over the last five years, I battled my weight all the time. If I ate less than 1,000 calories a day and hooked myself up every few weeks, I could just barely maintain my weight. I found out that it was all hormonal - my thyroid wasn't working right at all and since the machine increases your thyroid levels, that was what was keeping me from putting on more weight. Then, as for many of us, life happened and I got too busy to hook myself up. I gained 20 pounds in no time. Finally, last year I was able to lose 50 pounds using a protocol that I am working on publicizing called "The Key To Thyroid Wellness". Just recently, I hooked myself up for the first time in a year for 50 minutes and lost 4 1/2". Wow! By the third session, I had lost the 5 pounds that I had put back on over the last few months and lost 6" total.

Does this sound like the battle that you face? Or do you just want to tighten up and look better? We know that there are many factors that can affect your weight, just as there are many factors that can affect your results (e.g. stress, hormones, diet, sleep), but everyone achieves some results. The only way you will know what your results will be is if you try it for yourself.

With the IRepair, people comment that I look so fresh and they guess that I am much younger than I am. It has removed the lines around my mouth, improved the lines around my eyes and forehead. It has also has lifted my jawline. Be sure to check out the IRepair Results page for some actual pictures. Take the first step and call me at 402-429-1331 today!


325 So 9th St

Lincoln, NE 68508


By Appointment Only